Through this link on Data Sport portal for all distances of 170, 100, 60 and 35 km.

At the link you can find all the documents needed to proceed with the registration. We would like to remind you to carefully read the regulations and requirements of the race you would like to join before submitting the registration.

The UTMB Index Race is:

100M for the 170 km
100K for the 100 km
100K for the 60 km
50K for the 35 km

The ITRA Points awarded are:

6 for the 170 km
5 for the 100 km 
3 for the 60 km
2 for the 35 km 

In addition, Adamello Ultra Trail is also valid for ITRA National League project.

Until June 30th, the registration fee is the same as 2023: 180, 90, 70 and 40 euro (170-100-60-35 km).

From July 1st, the price will raise to 200,110 and 80 euros for the 170, 100 and 60 km, while the 35 km will stay at 40 euros

In this case, the organisation allows to cancel the registration and to get the 80% refund if the withdrawal happens before June 30th, 2024, or the 50% refund if within July 31st, 2024. Beyond this date, it won’t be possible to get a refund.

If the cancellation should happen for organisational or Covid-19 related reasons, it will be possible to get a 80% refund or freeze the registration for the following year, as already happened in 2020.

Once assigned, the bib is nominal and cannot be transferred to another person. It is possible to withdraw the registration getting a refund if this happens within the terms mentioned above.

It’s possible to get an insurance through Data Sport during the registration’s process, in a completely independent way from the event organisation. In this case, paying an extra fee when registering, it will be always possible to get the fee coverage showing a medical certificate stating the injury.

Right outside the Centro Eventi in Vezza d’Oglio (Via del Piano, 1), core location of the event, there is a vast parking for cars and campers.

Also for the 35km race, which starts in Monno, a village close by, it is still better to park in Vezza d’Oglio and then reach the starting line through the shuttle bus provided by the organization. 

In the area, many structures are available and you can check them out in the proper page.

Yes, in Ponte di Legno (about km 80)  there is a base camp where the organization will transfer the bags for the 170 km race. 

Yes, it is possible to get to a few spots by car. Here you can find them listed from start to finish:

170 km / 100 / 60 km
▫️ Cortebona (170 – 100 – 60 km)
▪️ Case di Viso (170 – 100 km)
▫️ Passo del Tonale (170 – 100 km)
▪️ Ponte di Legno (170 – 100 km)
▫️ Pontagna (170 km)
▪️ Rifugio alla Cascata (170 km)
▫️ Edolo (170 km)
▪️ Lago del Mortirolo (170 km)
▫️ Pianacci (170 km)

35 km:
▫️ Malga Mola
▪️ Lago del Mortirolo

Yes, it is possible to get external assistance ONLY in the following spots, on the 60, 100 and 170 km routes:

– Cortebona (60/100/170 km)
– Case di viso (100/170 km)
– Passo del Tonale (100/170 km)
– Ponte di Legno (100/170 km)
– Pontagna (170 km)
– Rifugio alla Cascata (170 km)
– Edolo (170 km)
– Lago del Mortirolo (170 km)

All athletes must carry the mandatory equipment at all times: the organization can perform checks at the start and throughout the entire race

Yes, showers are available at the Centro Eventi in Vezza d’Oglio (start and finish)

Given the evolving situation related to Covid-19 emergency, the organisation reserves the right to unilaterally modify the procedures necessary for the race conduct, in accordance with the regulations to be established by competent authorities. The organization will establish a protocol and safety procedures that all participants and staff will be required to comply with, with the aim of ensuring the protection of all people involved. On the website, it will be possible to find an up-to-date section with all information related to this facet of the event. Sarà possibile visionare sul sito una sezione aggiornata con le informazioni relative a questo aspetto dell’evento. Any communication regarding this matter will be, in any case, transmitted to all members through the email address used for the registration.

If having trouble with the registration process, please send an e-mail to