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Sunday, 17th September

07.00-08.30 AM
Meeting point
Piazza Vittoria, Vione
07.00-08.30 AM
08.45 AM
Piazza Vittoria, Vione
08.45 AM
12.00 PM
Pasta party
Vione (start)
12.00 PM


Adamello Vertical Slow (AVS) is a non-competitive hike of 3,9 km of lenght and 1.000 m of elevation gain (from 1250 m asl to 2250 m asl), to be done in self-sufficiency. It is organized by Adamello Ultra-Trail a.s.d., together with institutions, associations and sponsors.

The organization holds the right to modify the regulations. If any variation shall occur, it will be announced on our social media platforms.

The maximum time allowed to finish the hike is of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Following the Vertical Slow, participants will walk back to the start in Vione, along a 4.5 km downhill path and mule track.
  • At 12:00 PM, the pasta party will be held by the former school builing in Vione
  • Showers and changing rooms are NOT available.

The path mostly winds on wooden roads, mule tracks and hiking paths, with very few challenging and/or exposed spots. However, the participation is for athletes with a proved experience of races in mountain environment, aware of the length of the race and able to run it in self-sufficiency, with no external help

In order to be eligible to participate, no medical certificate is required. Children underage must be accompanied by an adult.

Participating in the event with technical equipment, with shoes and clothing that must be suited for skyrunning or trail running.

According to the weather conditions, participants might have to wear an anti-wind jacket. Any integration are variation will bu issued and communicated on the day before the events.

  • GPS device
  • Waterproof pants cover
  • Hooded impermeable jacket
  • Backpack with back-up clothes (it is possible to leave it to the organization at the start, to be found ath the finish)
  • Trekking or skiing sticks are allowed. Please don’t leave your sticks on the route, as there won’t be a dedicated pick-up/transport service.

The track will be marked with small flags To participate in the event, it’s required to have good orienting skills in mountain environment. We recommend the use of a GPS device. The complete track of the trail is available online and will be updated promptly in case of any changes to the circuit.

Participants must follow the path marked by the organization without taking any shortcut.

Participants out of time or struggling will have to abandon the race only at a checkpoint, where they will be accompanied downstream by the organization staff.

In case of illness or injury, the organization must be contacted. Participants abandoning the event without notifying it immediately to the organization will be charged with all rescuing expenses carried out by the staff

At all times during the race, participants must keep going in self-sufficiency, with no external help, except for the refreshments provided by the organization.

It is forbidden to leave rubbish on the path or cause environmental damage.

In case of need, participants are required to assist and help each other.

In order to guarantee the best conditions to all participants, no pets are allowed.

A struggling participant who wants to quit the event, spontaneously or as per decided by the Medical staff, must do so at the closest check point, to allow the organization to provide the needed assistance and the downstream transportation.

  • Registrations open on April 3rd, 2023.
  • By the act of registration, competitors release the organizers from all civil and criminal action against persons and property for damage that may occur during and after the event in relation to the same.
  • Registrations are of €25, to be done before the deadline of September 10th, 2023. After this date, registrations will be possible for the raised price of €35. Registrations will be closed when reaching the maximum amount of participants (100)
  • By registering to the event, participants are allowed to take part in the event according to its program. A gadget will be provided to all participants.

All finishers of Adamello Vertical Slow will be awarded with a medal

Should the event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, the Organizers reserve the right to refund 80% of the registration fee paid, or the participant can keep his registration valid for one of the two subsequent editions of his/her choice. This percentage is calculated to enable the Organizers to cover part of the expenses incurred, which cannot be recovered.

Should the event be cancelled or interrupted for atmospheric reasons, or for any other reason beyond our control, no refund of the registration fee will be made. The organization holds the right to modify at any time the route, gates’ timing, max time allowed, position of the refreshments and starting time, as well as the possibility to cancel or suspend the event.