Adamello Ultra Trail announces its tenth edition on 20-22 September 2024

The Italian ultrarunning event held in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area confirms its traditional calendar spot between summer and fall seasons, enhancing its program with a variety of side events. The organizers: “Going from 50 to over 700 participants gives us great pride and the will to keep pushing.”

Adamello Ultra Trail keeps running and announces the dates for the next edition. On 20-22 September 2024, the paths of the Pontedilegno-Tonale area (Northern Italy) will host runners and ultrarunners from all over the World for the tenth time. As per its tradition, the Italian event will take place during the transition from summer to autumn.

Together with runners, volunteers, and mountain enthusiasts, the paths of the Great War will be starring the weekend. These paths make the event a unique mix of sport, nature, and history on the international scene. Indeed, the Adamello Ultra Trail winds through old military roads, fortresses, and trenches from World War I, a conflict fought between 1915 and 1918 by the Italian Kingdom and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The 2024 edition will bear a deep meaning, as it will mark #AUT’s tenth anniversary. The debut dates back to 2014, and it has been held every year since, except for 2020 due to adverse weather conditions. The first edition, won by Mauro Giraudo in 31 hours, 27 minutes and 10 seconds, featured 52 participants, including three women and one foreign athlete. Nowadays, the Adamello Ultra Trail has expanded its offerings to athletes and amateurs of all ages and expertise. It has become one of the most anticipated ultrarunning events, counting on hundreds of participants from over 15 countries from around the world, while the women’s percentage has risen to over 20%.

The main event has been updated with three distances ranging from 170 to 35 km, also providing an intermediate route of 100 km. A rich panel of side events – the Adamello Series – has been set up. This includes the Adamello Vertical Kilometer (available in competitive, non-competitive, and junior versions) and the Adamello Trail Junior, designed for children and teenagers.

Reaching the tenth edition gives us great pride. When we started, we were only a bunch of running enthusiasts, and from there we built an international event featuring hundreds of athletes. I’d like to thank all the runners, volunteers, institutions, and sponsors for being with us along the way: we want the tenth edition to be a feast, and we are working in that direction,” said Paolo Gregorini, head of the organization of ASD Adamello Ultra Trail.

Further info regarding the registration’s opening will be provided in the coming weeks.

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