Andreas Reiterer and Barbara Bani triumph in the Adamello Short Trail

Reiterer won in 14 minutes, 3 hours and 37 seconds; Bani won in 3 hours, 56 minutes and 9 seconds: two new course records

On the afternoon of Saturday, September 30, Reiterer won the Adamello Short Trail, run over a distance of 35 kilometers, by a landslide. Reiterer won in 3 hours, 14 minutes and 37 seconds and set a new course record, knocking about 15 minutes off the previous one Behind him, more than 10 minutes behind, the Italian Diego Angella and the German Lukas Mangger. For Reiterer, born in 1992 and this year silver medalist at the Long Trail World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria, this is the first participation in the Adamello Short Trail.

Barbara Bani from Brescia also set a new course record, breaking the four-hour “wall”, beating her competition in the race which involved a difference in altitude of over two thousand meters.

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