Major news highlight Adamello Ultra Trail 10th edition

The trail running event in the Italian Alps presented its tenth edition today, Wednesday June 26th, in the Lombardy Region’s headquarters. Scheduled for September 20-22, #AUT runs along trenches and military roads of WWI. A new 60 km distance and the inclusion in the TORX eXperience network are the main innovations of the Pontedilegno-Tonale event

Since day one of preparing the tenth edition, the Organising Committee of Adamello Ultra Trail ASD had ambitious projects in mind. With 3 months to go to the 2024 Adamello Ultra Trail, it’s clear that the OC has lived up to its own expectations. The trail running event winding in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area (Northern Italy) brings two big news to celebrate its first decade: a new 60 km distance and the inclusion in the TORX eXperience international network.

Today’s press conference in Milan by the Pirelli Tower was attended by the President of the Lombardy Region Council Federico Romani, the Lombardy Region Councillor Claudia Carzeri, the vice president of Adamello Ultra Trail ASD Luigi Sterli, the mayor of Vezza d’Oglio Paolo Gregorini, Elisa del Favero for the Pontedilegno-Tonale Consortium, Giovanni Setti of MICO Sport, Mattia Seria for Edison and Silvia Calvi for Ferrino.

Ahead of tenth edition, #AUT’s goals were to further establish its key strengths and features, while expanding its offer to runners of every age and experience. Under the first category falls the passion of the hundreds of volunteers, the late-September slot to further extend the summer season, and of course its unique location: #AUT runs along trenchesmilitary roadsfortresses and tunnels dating back to WWI, hence the full name “Adamello Ultra Trail – On the Paths of the Great War”.

The race crossing Alta Val Camonica and Alta Val di Sole, on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, keeps growing and evolving year after year. In the last three years alone, the 30 km race grew to 35 km, the route of the 90 km was inverted and prolonged up to 100 km, and a full panel of side events – the Adamello Series – was implemented.

In 2024, it’s time for a brand-new distance, Adamello Half Trail 60 km (4.000m of elevation gain), and for joining an international network such as TORX eXperience in order to promote the passion for trail running and for the mountains to the highest level. Furthermore, #AUT 2024 puts up for grab no less than 15 bibs (10 for the finishers of the 170 km and 5 for the 100 km) to participate in the Tor des Géants® 2025 TOR330 format without passing through the lottery draft.


Adamello Ultra Trail kicks off on Sunday, September 15th, with the Adamello Series. The program starts in the morning with the Adamello Vertical Kilometer (3.7 km and 1.000 m of elevation gain), available in three versions: competitive, slow and junior (15-18 years old). In the afternoon, kids and early teenagers can join the Adamello Trail Junior, on paths and trails designed according to age and experience, up to 4.5 km long.

Special guests, and top favorites for the medals, are the athletes of the Italian Skyrunning National Team, who swept the 2023 debut edition with Marcello Ugazio (Men Senior), Corinna Ghirardi (Women Senior) and Davide Gadin (Men Junior). The bond with the Italian Skyrunning federation (FISKY) has grown since, as witnessed by the training camp held on the race trails in the last weekend of May. Under the spotlight were the junior athletes, who made the final tests and dress rehearsal ahead of the upcoming Youth Skyrunning World Championships in Montenegro on June 28-30.

Thanks to this close collaboration with the National Federation, Adamello Vertical Kilometer is quickly moving up the ranks, as it has now entered the “CRAZY Vertical Italy Cup 2024”, while the Adamello Vertical Junior has joined the “Coppa Italia Giovani YOUTH A e B 2024” supported by Loacker series.


On September 20-22 it’s finally time for the main event. Starting on Friday morning from the headquarters of Vezza D’Oglio (Brescia) is the Adamello Trail 100 km at 7:00 AM, followed at 8:00 by the new Adamello Half Trail 60 km and, at 9:00 by, the queen distance of Adamello Ultra Trail 170 km. On Saturday at 2:00 PM from the near village of Monno the Adamello Short Trail 35 km will get off, ending up in Vezza d’Oglio like all the other formats.

All distances of the main event are valid for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ranking (UTMB Index Race) and award 100M for the 170 km, 100K for the 100 km and the 60 km, and 50K for the 35 km (raised from the previous 20K index). Points are up for grab as well for the International Trail Running Association (ITRA Index Race), with respectively 6, 5, 3 and 2 points and for the ITRA National League. This project aims at a more sustainable trail running world, rewarding athletes competing in at least three events in the same Country: the 2024 winner will be announced at the beginning of next year.

However, the highlight of Adamello Ultra Trail 2024 is becoming part of the international TORX eXperience network, born with the scope of promoting trail running worldwide. To boost this partnership since its very first edition, 15 finishers of #AUT (10 for the 170 km race and 5 for the 100 km race) will be able to register to TOR330 of Tor des Géants® 2025 without going through the draft lottery. The system follows the first come-first served concept: once the registration to TOR330 opens, all Adamello Ultra Trail finishers of the two longest distances have the chance to secure a spot.

Despite being postponed by a week due to unfavourable weather conditions, the 2023 edition of #AUT counted over 500 participants from 16 Countries. Winners were Daniele Nava (28 h, 7 m and 30 s) and Giulia Saggin (33:21:37) on the 170 km, Walter Manser (11:45:07 for his third win in a row) and Karola Rennhack (14:33:41) on the 100 km, Andreas Reiterer (3:14:37) and Barbara Bani (3:56:09) on the 35 km. Overall, it was a huge edition for the female performers, as records were beaten in all of the three Women’s distances, as well as by 35 km Men’s winner Andreas Reiterer. Additionally, the Women’s participation also reached a new high, hitting the 20% mark.


Providing the setting for the event are mule tracks, trenches, tunnels and military roads dating back to the First World War between the Italian Kingdom and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The remains of the conflict are clearly visible all along the routes, as in the case of the Bocchetta di Valmassa, a massive defensive wall at 2500 m above sea level that is still perfectly preserved.

No less than eight municipalities are involved in the event, seven of which are in the province of Brescia (Edolo, Incudine, Monno, Ponte di Legno, Temù, Vezza d’Oglio and Vione) and one in the province of Trento (Vermiglio). There are also two Natural Parks crossed, the Adamello and the Stelvio. The lowest point of the routes is in Edolo at 650 mt asl, while the peak is the Passo dei Contrabbandieri at 2680 mt asl.

Several huts and bivouacs can be found along the route, providing day and night support to all competitors during the race weekend and acting as strategic points for excursions in the area. In fact, the Pontedilegno-Tonale district is a well-known tourist destination in both summer and winter. In addition to trekking, the most popular activities in summer are cycling – thanks to the Pontedilegno Tonale Bike Park – climbing and rafting, while more than 40 ski slopes attract fans from all over the world in winter.

Thanks to its significant positive impact on the territory, Adamello Ultra Trail can also count on the patronage of the Lombardy Region, together with local entities and association, whose support is crucial to ensure the event to run smoothly and in full safety.

Once again MICO Sport has confirmed its commitment as main sponsor: the technical sportswear company that shares geographical roots in Brescia and the passion for mountain and outdoors with Adamello Ultra Trail, will be the event’s top partner for the seventh consecutive year. By its side, other historical partners such as EdisonFerrino and DF Sport Specialist will line up again, as will Salice glasses, who had first joined the panel in 2023.


Sunday, September 15 (Morning):

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