The adventure of Adamello Ultra Trail is now a book

The 170 km of the ultra running race become a story in eight stages, all to be read and experienced, presented by Emanuela Spedicato.

The most loyal ultrarunners know it already: Adamello Ultra Trail is more than a race, it is an adventure to discover a territory to which the event is deeply linked A story of beauty, passion and goals to be achieved.

Perhaps this is what inspired Emanuela Spedicato, a member of the Adamello Ultra Trail organising committee, to tell this fascinating story to those who have not experienced it yet, and above all to those who wish to experience it in the future – whether by running or walking.

“Adamello Ultra Trail – Sui Camminamenti della Grande Guerra” (On the Paths of the Great War) is the title of the book edited by Emanuela Spedicato, conceived to showcase the 170 km ring made famous by the event, along the trail of WWI. The route, set in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area, between Alta Val Camonica and Alta Val di Sole through the Adamello andStelvio Nature Park has been divided into eight stages, accessible to everyone.

The description of each stage contains historical references and technical details by Walter Belotti, president of the “White War Museum”, as well as short poems by Giuseppe Ungaretti, a poet historically linked to the Great War period and particularly appreciated by the author.

The book also includes useful tools, starting with the topographical map to plan autonomously total or partial excursions along the ring, and exciting images. The graphics are by Martino Spreafico, with design and coordination by SeTe Srl.

The book is available in the book shops of Alta Val Camonica at the price of 25 euro, including a topographical map

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