Adamello Ultra Trail sets new record for registered athletes

A year after breaking the 650 participants barrier, the ultra-running event in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area set a new record with 719 athletes, confirming itself among the top events in the final part of the season. All bibs for the 90 and 35-kilometer races were sold out With just over a week to go before the […]

In the Ultra Running breakout era, Adamello Ultra Trail wants to keep rising

Adamello Ultra Trail

Long-distance running is among the fastest rising discipline in the last 10 years, with an over 300% increase in participants. Adamello Ultra Trail aims to keep on trending upwards from September 23rd to 25th Figures don’t lie: ultra-running as a sport is living its golden years. A joint research by RunRepeat and the International Association […]

MICO and Adamello Ultra Trail celebrate five years together on the run

Adamello Ultra Trail _ Mico Sport

The partnership between the Italian technical sportswear firm and the ultrarunning event has been renewed again for 2022, when from 23 to 25 September MICO will be main sponsor for the fifth consecutive year After a successful 2021 edition, Adamello Ultra Trail and MICO Sportkeep running together: the Italian technical sportswear firm will be main […]

The adventure of Adamello Ultra Trail is now a book

The 170 km of the ultra running race become a story in eight stages, all to be read and experienced, presented by Emanuela Spedicato. The most loyal ultrarunners know it already: Adamello Ultra Trail is more than a race, it is an adventure to discover a territory to which the event is deeply linked A […]