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Saturday, September 25th

H: 08.00
Apertura ufficio gare e ritiro pettorali
Centro Eventi Vezza d'Oglio
H: 08.00
H: 10-12.30
Trasporto da Vezza d'oglio a Monno
con mezzi predisposti dall organizzazione
H: 10-12.30
H: 14.00
Partenza Adamello Short Trail
H: 14.00


The “Adamello Short Trail” (AST) is a 35 km long run with about 1,700 m of positive gain, to be runin self-sufficiency, organized by ASD Adamello Ultra-Trail in collaboration with the Unione dei Comuni Alta Valle Camonica. The start of the event is scheduled for Saturday, September 26th 2021, at 2 PM from Piazza IV Luglio, in Monno. The maximum time to finish the race is 24 hours

The Adamello Short Trail track mostly develops on logging roads, mule tracks and smooth paths: minimal challenging and/or exposed traits The participation at this race is reserved for athletes with experience in long race and high mountain territory knowledge, with self-sufficiency and without extra helps to solve Problems that can rise during the race (night run, bad weather, mental or physical tiredness, malaise, accident etc.) To participate at the race the competitor must be 20 years old and must have a certificate issue by a Sport doctor for practice this kind of sport, the certificate must be valid during the race. Is obligatory the health insurance card and for foreign people is obligatory the E111 model.

  • When registering, athletes sign up to start and finish the race by carrying the following mandatory equipment at all times (checks may be performed during the race):
  • Thermal blanket
  • Long-sleeved pile
  • hooded jacket Padded duvet, primaloft or similar with impermeable layer or alternatively long-sleeved Jersey + fleece jersey or thick clothing+ waterproof layer (always 3 layers, one of which must have the hood)
  • long pants to the ankle or alternatively 3/4 pants with soks long
  • Gloves and cap;
  • One headlamp with spare batteries;
  • phone with charged batteries with security number gave from the organization
  • Whistle;
  • water bottle or camelbag with minimum capacity 11 glasses + personal glass (no refuges glasses)
  • appropriate footwear for trailrunning
  • first aid kit (bandages, elastic bandage)
  • GPS device
  • Waterproof cover pants
  • Food stocks
  • Money (presence of huts and shelters along the way)
  • It’s possible using rackets

The route will be marked with flags fitted with reflectors for night vision. Participation at the AUT requires however a good sense of direction in the mountains. We recommend the use of a GPS device. The complete track of the trail is available online and will be updated promptly in case of any changes to the circuit. Competitors must follow the path marked by the organization without taking any shortcut. Cut or leave the course is dangerous for the competitors and will result in disqualification from the event. Competitors out of time or struggling will have to abandon the race only at a checkpoint, where they will be accompanied downstream by the organization staff. In case of illness or injury, the organization must be contacted. The racer who abandons the race without notifying immediately, will be responsible for all expenses related startup of research by rescue personnel. At each stage of the race, the competitors will move autonomously and self-sufficient, without help and / or external assistance, except use the supplies organization. It is admitted refuel and / or stay in public places in time of exercise along the way. Competitors who wish to camp out along the way, will have to do it in places manned by the organization. Must be respected private property, by not using structures or artifacts encountered along the way, penalty will be disqualification. Forbidden throw litter or leave objects along the way, will be disqualified. In case of need, athletes are requested to help each other out

All decisions will be made by the jury and will be considered as final. There are the following penalties:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, threats / insults for athletes / organizers / volunteers or actions that could be considered hazardous to their safety or that may affect the smooth running of the race = disqualification
  • failure to pass by a checkpoint = disqualification
  • abandoning or cutting the race course = disqualification
  • llittering the path or procured environmental damage = disqualification
  • failing to assist a competitor in difficulty = disqualification
  • External assistance unauthorized = from 30 min to disqualification (use of means of transport in the race = disqualification)
  • refusal to submit to the control or lack of obligatory material = disqualification

Along the way are prepared by the organization checkpoints where competitors have to pass and sign the table of input and output,( failure to pass by a checkpoint = disqualification). In each control point is assured water supply and food. Each runner will have to make sure to have, at the start of each checkpoint, water and food sufficiently to reach the next supply point.

The abandonment of a competitor in difficulty, spontaneously or upon the decision of the jury and / or one of the doctors of the organization, it must take place at the nearest checkpoint, where the competitor will be given to the organization’s staff and accompanied downstream .

L’Organizzazione richiede a tutti gli atleti il massimo rispetto dell’ambiente. Ai concorrenti viene richiesto di non gettare a terra bicchieri, carta e rifiuti di vario genere per i quali, presso i punti di ristoro, sono presenti appositi contenitori. A coloro che non rispetteranno tali disposizioni saranno assegnati trenta minuti di penalità.

L’Organizzazione non risponde dello smarrimento/sottrazione di materiale o effetti personali lasciati incustoditi prima, durante e dopo la gara, all’ufficio gare o nelle aree adibite a partenza e arrivo.

Con l’iscrizione, l’atleta autorizza espressamente l’Organizzazione ad utilizzare gratuitamente le immagini, fisse e/o in movimento, che lo ritraggono durante la sua partecipazione alla competizione in oggetto. L’Organizzazione potrà pertanto cedere ai propri partner istituzionali e commerciali i diritti di utilizzazione dell’immagine previsti nel presente accordo. La presente autorizzazione all’utilizzo della propria immagine deve intendersi prestata a tempo indeterminato e senza limiti territoriali, per l’impiego in pubblicazioni e filmati vari promozionali e/o pubblicitari e realizzati su ogni tipo di supporto.

Registration must be done online at
By the act of registration competitors release the organizers from all civil and criminal action against persons and property for damage that may occur during and after the race in relation to the same. Payment will be made by bank transfer.

Wins the race the runner who reaches the finishing of Vezza d’Oglio in the shortest possible time. It will be made a general classification for man and woman and a classification for each male and female category. Prizes for the first 6 men and first 6 women. Every runner who completes the race will receive the “finisher” prize. Every runner who completes the race will receive the “finisher” prize.

Should the race be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control up to 15 days before the race, the Organisers reserve the right to refund 80% of the registration fee paid or the athlete can keep his registration valid for one of the two subsequent editions of your choice. This percentage is calculated to enable the Organizers to cover part of the expenses incurred, which cannot be recovered.
Should the race be cancelled or interrupted for atmospheric reasons, or for any other reason beyond our control, no refund of the registration fee will be made.