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Saturday, September 25th

H: 9 AM
Race office opening and bib collection
Vezza d'Oglio Event Centre
H: 9 AM
H: 10 AM
Transfer from Vezza d'Oglio to Monno
With means of transport provided by the organization
H: 10 AM
H: 2 PM
Start Adamello Short Trail
H: 2 PM


The “Adamello Short Trail” (AST) is a 35 km long run with about 1,700 m of positive gain, to be runin self-sufficiency, organized by ASD Adamello Ultra-Trail in collaboration with the Unione dei Comuni Alta Valle Camonica. The start of the event is scheduled for Saturday, September 26th 2021, at 2 PM from Piazza IV Luglio, in Monno. The maximum time to finish the race is 24 hours

Saturday 25.09 numbers and race prize pick up from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. at the “Sala Vip” located at Centro Eventi Adamello in Vezza d’Oglio (address Del Piano street, n.1).
Covid Pass will be verified too.
It is compulsory to show the two declarations (1-Covid and 2 – Privacy forms), filled in and signed by each athlete.
● From 10 a.m. transfer by bus from Vezza d’Oglio to Monno for all the athletes.
START at 2.00 p.m. from the main square of the village Monno, distanced starting posts marked on the ground. The runners must be at the starting line wearing their face mask.
● Before entering the starting grid, the temperature will be checked (access allowed <37,5°C) and handed the GPS Tracker to every athlete.
● The face mask can be removed only 500 meters after the starting line; the runners are required to wear their face mask at the rest stops, the first aid points and at the finish line.
● The access to the refreshments will be organized in an orderly way, the volunteers will serve each runner individually. Buffet are not allowed, therefore we ask all the athletes to be patient, respect the distance and wear their face mask while queueing.
It is compulsory to use a personal glass during the whole race. The runners are required to take care personally of the garbage inside the assigned containers.
We suggest considering carefully your personal needs among the different rest posts.
● At the rest posts toilets will be available, but no showers will be allowed.
No shower service will be available even at the finish line.
● In order to respect the present COVID rules there are no common sleeping areas available during the days before and after the race.
Inside the race prize, each runner will find a MICO face mask to be used during the race, in the areas where it is required.

The Adamello Short Trail track mostly develops on logging roads, mule tracks and smooth paths: minimal challenging and/or exposed traits Participating in this sort of event, however, is limted to athletes with proven long-distance races and high mountain environments experience, aware of the length of the race, and with autonomy skills such as to be able to handle the best, with no extra help, the various issues that may arise in this specialty (night walking, prohibitive weather conditions, physical or mental fatigue, discomfort, inflammation or muscle problems, injuries, etc.). In order to be eligible to participate, competitors must be at least 20 years old and be in possession of a fitness certificate for the practice of this competitive activity, issued by a sports medicine doctor and recognized in their country of residence, valid for the duration of the race. National health insurance card is mandatory and, for foreigners, the form E111.

  • When registering, athletes sign up to start and finish the race by carrying the following mandatory equipment at all times (checks may be performed during the race):
  • Thermic/ emergency blanket
  • Long sleeve sweater or microfleece
  • Hooded jacket padded with feather down, primaloft or similar + waterproof layer, or alternatively long-sleeved shirt + fleece or heavy garment + waterproof layer (always three layers, and one of them must have a hood);
  • Ankle-length pants, or 3/4 pants with long socks;
  • Gloves and cap;
  • One headlamp with spare batteries;
  • Phone with full battery and security numbers provided by the organization;
  • Whistle;
  • Water bottle or camelbag with minimum capacity of 1lt + personal glass (no glasses at the refreshment points)
  • Adequate trail running footwear
  • First aid kit (plasters, gauze, elastic bandage).
  • GPS device
  • Waterproof pants covers
  • Food supplies
  • Cash (mountain shelters and public facilities along the route)
  • Sticks are allowed

The track will be marked with reflective elements flags for night vision. Participating in the AUT assumes, however, good mountain orientation skills. It is recommended to use a gps device; the complete track of the route is available online and will be promptly updated in case of any changes to the route Athletes must follow the route traced by the organization without any shortcuts: cutting or abandoning the route, which is at own and exclusive risk of the athlete, will result in disqualification from the event. Athletes out of time or in difficult situation must leave the race only at a check point, where they will be accompanied down to the valley by the organization. In case of sickness or injury, the organization must be alerted. The athlete who abandons the race without notifying it immediately, will have to bear all the expenses related to the start of the research by the rescue personnel. In every phase of the race, athletes will have to act indipendently and self-sufficiently, with no outside help or assistance, except for the refreshments set up by the organisation. It is allowed to get supplies and/or stop by activities and public places along the route during opening hours. Athletes wishing to bivouac along the route must do so in places guarded by the organization. The private property must be respected, avoiding to use tools or manufactures found along the way, under penalty of disqualification. Is it forbidden to throw or leave any object along the way, under penalty of disqualification. In case of need, athletes are requested to help each other out

All decisions will be made at the sole discretion of the Jury. The following penalties apply:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, threats/insults to athletes/organizers/volunteers or actions that may be considered dangerous to their safety or that may compromise the regular course of the race = disqualification
  • missing a check point = disqualification
  • abandoning or cutting the race course = disqualification
  • leaving trash on the course or causing environmental damage = disqualification
  • missing to help an athlete in trouble = disqualification
  • Unauthorized external assostance = from 30 min to disqualification (using means of transport during the race = disqualification)
  • refusing to submit to inspection or lack of mandatory material = disqualification

Along the route, the organisation set up check points where athletes must pass by and sign the entrance and exit table, under penalty of disqualification. Drink and food supplies are guaranteed in every check point. refusal to submit to the control or lack of obligatory material = disqualification

The abandoning of a competitor in trouble, either spontaneously or by decision of the jury and/or one of the organisation’s doctors, must take place at the nearest check point, where the competitor will be entrusted to the organisation’s staff and accompanied to the bottom of the valley.

Registragion must be done online on the website by September 14th, 2020.
By registering, competitors relieve the organizers of all civil and criminal liability towards persons and things for damage that may occur during and after the race in relation to the same.

The race winner is the runner that reaches the finish in Vezza d’Oglio in the shortest possible time. An overall ranking for men and women will be drawn up, plus a ranking for each male and female category. 

In case of race cancellation due to external circumstances up to 15 days before the event, the Organisation reserves the right to refund a percentage equal to 80% of the registration fee paid, or the athlete can keep his/her registration valid for one of the two following editions. This percentage is based on the multiple expenses that the Organisation has already incurred and cannot recover
When interrupting or cancelling the race because of weather conditions or for any reason indipendet from the Organisation, no refund will be due to partcipants.


Registrations for the 35 km race are Sold Out

The order in the list follows the order of receiving this form by the organisation. When an athlete withdraws his/her registration to a selected race, the organisation will get in touch with you to confirm your will to participate in the race mentioned. Once confirmed, all information needed to complete the sign up will be provided, otherwise the next name on the list will be reached out to.


Adamello Ultra Trail celebrates successful 2021 edition

The event in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area has confirmed its status among the main European ultra-running events. The athletes’ feedback credited the stunning landscape and remarkable organization. In the last finishes, Denise Zimmermann won the 170 km women’s race, while Ralet and Rossi were crowned in the shortest 35 km distance

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