The SCARPA runners discover Adamello Ultra Trail: “This route is amazing!”

The runners of the SCARPA Team enjoyed a two-day training session on the Adamello Ultra Trail routes in the Italian Alps. Former elite trail runner and current SCARPA brand manager Marco De Gasperi also joined the recon: “This event has enormous potential”

With only one month to go to the start of Adamello Ultra Trail (23-25 September), the ultrarunning event retracing the paths of the Great War in the Alta Valle Camonica (Northern Italy), an increasing number of athletes is choosing the paths of the Pontedilegno-Tonale area to test themselves and recon the route. And if the race has few equals in the world for its technical level, the beauty of the area and the historical evidence also represent a unique feature. 

Indeed, the mule tracks, military roads, and trails of the Adamello Ultra Trail are immersed in the natural and historical wonders of the Adamello Park and the Stelvio National Park, between the regions of Lombardy and Trentino, in the provinces of Brescia and Trento. A setting that SCARPA athletes discovered over the last few days when they carried out intense trainings on some of the most iconic spots of the two longest routes, 170 and 90 km. 

SCARPA is a World leader in the production of high-mountain sports footwear, and in 2021 has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with Adamello Ultra Trail: sharing the path with the brand’s athletes was Marco De Gasperi, a former trail running World Champion who is now the brand manager of the Italian company: “We share with Adamello Ultra Trail a huge passion for mountains – said De Gasperi -, and we are glad to be able to bring our athletes on these trails”.

Along with Marco De Gasperi, there were Spaniard Antonio Martínez Pérez, Portuguese André Rodrigues and Italians Emanuele Manzi, Davide Bottarelli and Damiano Pedretti, the latter two representing the young prospects of the SCARPA team.

Among the different locations where we have trained – continued De Gasperi -, the Bocchette di Val Massa has left a mark on all of us. It is an incredible place in many aspects, not only for running but also to open your mind: thinking about what happened here and how did people build these structures over a century ago is just unbelievable. This route is so wonderful that it’s worth enjoying it even outside the event, taking the time to appreciate all the spots during daylight and without being 100% focused on the race performance”. 

The 2021 edition of Adamello Ultra Trail recorded unprecedented figures, gathering more than a thousand people on the race trails over the event’s weekend: “On a national level, very few races have this mileage combined with such a difficult path – argued SCARPA’s brand manager -. Adamello Ultra Trail is a true alpine 100-mile race, where the technical parts are predominant, compared to the running ones. The next step for the event is a broader recognition outside the Italian borders”.

Based on his vast high-level experience, Marco De Gasperi also shared a tip for those who hope for a big performance in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area.

Runners need a solid muscle system to pursue a great result: this will allow them to absorb the many ups and downs along the way, especially on the rocky parts. The weather will also play a key role, mainly in the 170 km distance: this is a race for experienced runners, and newbies might go through hard times”.

To excel and get the best out of every Adamello Ultra Trail distance, SCARPA proposes two different shoe models, as explained by De Gasperi himself: “Spin Infinity is suitable for long distances and bumpy terrains, allowing a comfortable run along the way. On the other hand, Spin Ultra is designed for more experienced runners and for top performance, with extra cushion for continuous impacts”.

With Adamello Ultra Trail approaching, Marco De Gasperi still leaves an open door for those who would like to see another of his great feats: “I haven’t managed to run the entire 170 km yet, and who knows what the future will bring…”.

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