From Sydney to Vezza d’Oglio: a 16,000 km journey to Adamello Ultra Trail

Aussie couple Colin and Tarne Berry flew all the way from Australia to Northern Italy to discover the Pontedilegno-Tonale area and tackle the #AUT challenge (22-24 September) for their first European trail running event

From the other side of the World, following an inspiration: Australian runners Colin and Tarne Berry will be among the participants in the ninth edition of Adamello Ultra Trail, scheduled from 22-24 September in Northern Italy, between Lombardy and Trentino. A statement of the remarkable growth and increasing international appeal of the event held through Alta Val Camonica and Alta Val di Sole, amid the natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes of the Adamello and Stelvio Nature Parks, meandering through trenches, military trails and fortresses dating back to World War I.

For the Aussie couple, the journey to the start of the #AUT will span nearly two months. After arriving in Milan in early August and quickly visiting some must-see destinations in Northern Italy, Colin and Tarne will attend a short preparatory race in Switzerland before heading to the mountains of the Pontedilegno-Tonale region, where they will be able to explore in full depth the trails and immerse themselves in local traditions.

“It has been over ten years since we last were in Europe,” explained Tarne Berry, “and we thought it was time to return. Being passionate about trail running and long distances, we were eager to find an event or two to take full advantage of our trip. After reviewing every single major event held during our stay [August and September], we opted for the Adamello Ultra Trail”.

Key factors in their choice were the authenticity of the region and its strong natural and historical values.

As we explored the various options – continued Tarne – we chose the Adamello Ultra Trail because we felt a strong sense of community within it, along with breathtaking landscapes. Participating in events that represent the true values of their region is paramount to us because, beyond the race, we want to fully engage with the mountains and their traditions. It is fantastic that through the event the historical memory of these places can be kept alive. We can’t wait to discover more”.

Despite having a solid experience with this type of competitions, the couple will make its absolute debut in Italy and Europe.

Yes, we both have almost 30 participations in trail and ultra-trail races but all in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the United States. We have signed up for the intermediate distance of 100 km, although we are thinking about moving up to the 170 km, especially my husband,” saidTarne.

And while the goal is to have a 360-degree adventure rather than achieve a specific finish time (“experience over medal”, said Tarne) there is one particular factor to consider: the elevation gain (6,050 meters for the intermediate distance and 11,500 meters for the ultra trail).

“Compared to races on other continents,” argued the Aussie runner, the elevation gains are much greater here in Europe, so we don’t want to overdo it. Personally, I am a mid-pack runner, so I haven’t set a time limit for myself. Our real goal is to make the most of this experience”. Regardless of the outcome, the experience of Adamello Ultra Trail will travel back to Australia with them and live through their stories.


With about one month to go to the main event of September 22nd-24th, registrations are still open for the three distances of 170, 100 and 35 km. All these races are valid for UTMB and ITRA points, and for the new ITRA National League Project.

It is also still possible to register for the new Adamello Vertical Kilometer, scheduled for the morning of Sunday 17th, right before the Adamello Trail Junior dedicated to kids and teenagers.

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