Bad weather delays Adamello Ultra Trail: new dates set for September 29th – October 1st

Due to the worsening weather forecast for two out of the three race days, the Organizing Committee (OC) has decided to reschedule the Adamello Ultra Trail event by one week. This decision prioritizes the safety of athletes and staff

The Adamello Ultra Trail, originally scheduled for September 22nd to 24th, will now take place from September 29th to October 1st, 2023. The OC of ASD Adamello Ultra Trail made this decision in response to the significantly deteriorating weather conditions expected for the coming weekend.

We understand that this decision comes with short notice, and we empathize with the inconvenience it may cause. However, we firmly believe it is the right one. We have been continuously monitoring the situation in close collaboration with local weather forecasting institutions. Initially, the forecast indicated rain only for Friday, but in the last few hours, conditions have worsened, extending the adverse weather to Saturday as well. Consequently, we would not have been able to ensure the safety of athletes and staff along the entire race route, especially during high mountain crossings,” stated Paolo Gregorini, leader of the organization.

The announced event’s schedule and hours will be maintained on the new dates, and registrations are automatically valid on the next fixture as well. Those who won’t be able to attend from September 29th to October 1st, can contact the organization via e-mail to and choose between two options: freeze the registration for the 2024 edition, or ask for the 80% refund of the fee, as stated in the regulation in case of unforeseen external circumstances.

This decision will cause some inconveniences among our athletes, but their safety and the one of our volunteers is our priority. Instead of just rescheduling it to next year, we will give it another try next week, hoping in a more favourable weather to reward our participants with the best possible Adamello Ultra Trail experience,” Paolo Gregorini stated.

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