Adamello Ultra Trail finishing act of successful Pontedilegno-Tonale summer

Pontedilegno-Tonale’s Director Michele Bertolini wrapped up the outcome of a successful summer season, that will be closed on a high by the Ultra Running event from September 24th to 26th

After coming through the tough times of the pandemic, the summer of 2021 offered to the Pontedilegno-Tonale area a great opportunity of restart and redemption. Now it is time for the Adamello Ultra Trail to close the season, from September 24th to 26th, with its path through Alta Val Camonica and Alta Val di Sole, on the steps of the Great War between the Adamello and Stelvio Nature Parks.

The Ultra Running event is the highlight of the summer season in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area, for which the outdoor offer is an increasingly central asset, as explained by Director Michele Bertolini: “The summer went well, we struggled a bit at the beginning because of bad weather but then we got going and August was an excellent month in terms of tourism. We had a great presence of Italians, who are increasingly attracted by outdoor activities and nature. E-bikes are the trend of the moment, as is the whole bicycle sector, so much so that new dedicated rental points have been set up. The Vie Ferrate are also having great success, not only the historic Sentiero dei Fiori but also the newer one involving the Passo dei Contrabbandieri and the Rifugio Bozzi, two spots also touched by the Adamello Ultra Trail and its trails”.

Those trails have always been core for the whole Alta Val Camonica and the Pontedilegno-Tonale area: “Thanks to the volunteers of the Adamello Ultra Trail organising committee and the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), those trails were maintained in excellent condition over the years, guaranteeing to the many tourists the chance to enjoy breathtaking views and landscapes. Now, thanks to the law project promoted by Lombardy Regional Councillor Claudia Carzeri, aimed at enhancing the value of paths and historic mountain roads of historical, cultural and tourist interest, the quality of the trails will be even higher“.

The over 600 registered athletes on the three different distances (170 km and 11,500 m elevation gain, 90 km and 5,700 m elevation gain, 35 km and 1,700 elevation gain) are ready to battle it out on the ups and downs of the race, surrounded by unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery. A challenge that Michele Bertolini faced himself in 2017, on the queen distance of 170 km (26th place overall in 45 hours, 18 minutes and 16 seconds, ed.):”For our territory, the international visibility and the presences brought by Adamello Ultra Trail are the real victory.”

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