Adamello Ultra Trail and the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica Unite to support their Territory

The ultrarunning race retracing the steps of World War I (September 22nd to 24th, 2023) in the scenic Pontedilegno-Tonale area continues its collaboration with the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica to preserve and improve the local trails

Adamello Ultra Trail keeps going the extra mile. Besides being a unique ultrarunning race retracing the steps of WWI, the event scheduled from September 22nd to 24th in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area (Northern Italy) confirms its ultimate goal of territorial promotion, also thanks to the renewed cooperation with the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica.

Spanning three captivating routes of 170 km, 100 km, and 35 km, the Adamello Ultra Trail traverses the breathtaking landscapes of the Adamello and Stelvio Nature Park meandering through trenches, military trails, and fortresses. Among the eight municipalities involved, seven belong to the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica: Edolo, Incudine, Monno, Ponte di Legno, Temù, Vione, and Vezza d’Oglio, which serves as the start and finish line for the race. The eighth municipality, Vermiglio, is located just beyond the border in Trentino, in Alta Val di Sole.

The partnership between #AUT and the local Mountain Community, which was established in 1974, continues to flourish year after year. It extends beyond the race weekend, representing a year-long commitment to preserving the value of the trails and ensuring their accessibility to both locals and tourists.

Adamello Ultra Trail serves as a beacon for the entire region, significantly contributing to its global promotion. We take great pride in collaborating with the organization and providing them with financial support. This enables us to maintain high-quality standards for the event and ensure constant upkeep and improvement of the trails” stated Massimo Maugeri, President of the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica.

Paolo Gregorini of the A.S.D. Adamello Ultra Trail organization affirmed: “Relying on the support of the Mountain Community is crucial for us It allows us to deliver the best possible event while keeping the trails clean and accessible. We deeply appreciate the fact that the Mountain Community is increasingly supportive of sports events for territorial promotion, and we look forward to once again bringing the wonders of our area to the forefront.”


Registration for the ninth edition of #AUT (Sept. 22-24) for all distances are available here.

Participants have until June 30th to register at the same prices as in 2022: €180.00 for the 170 km, €90.00 for the 100 km, and €40.00 for the 35 km race. After this date, the registration fee for each distance will increase by €20.00.

Exciting side events are also scheduled, including the brand new Adamello Vertical Kilometer (AVK), a 3.9 km race with 1000 m of elevation gain starting from Vione on Sunday, September 17th Additionally , the Adamello Trail Junior is dedicated to kids and teenagers.

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