Adamello Ultra Trail and Regione Lombardia team up to promote the mountains

A law project by Lombardy Regional Councillor Claudia Carzeri will provide new opportunities to support the valorization of mountain roads and trails from 2022

Adamello Ultra Trail, scheduled from September 24th to 26th,in the Pontedilegno-tonale area on the paths of the Great Wear, betweenAlta Val Camonica andAlta Val di Sole, in the Adamello Natural Parkand Stelvio National Park, is a key opportunity to enhance the territory and stressing the importance of keeping them in the best conditions.

The help of local volunteers is key in fulfilling this purpose, but even their work needs support. That is why the Regional Councillor of Lombardy Claudia Carzeri, also President of the Transport, Land and Infrastructure Commission and Vice-President of the Mountain Commission, presented a law project, unanimously approved, to create a fund to “value the paths and historic mountain roads of cultural and touristic interest. Following the request of Valle Camonica administrations, volunteers, local associations and the Adamello Ultra Trail organizing committee, we wanted to do something concrete to further improve these routes”.

The call for tenders will allocate one million euro starting from 2022: “In the final part of this year, the rules for participating will be structured, and the municipalities will present a list of the routes that require intervention A land register will be created, and the amount allocated will be distributed among the applicant municipalities. This is a first step towards a sensible enhancement of the area that we want to continue in the future”.

Another project will be also starting thanks to the Lombardy Region: in fact, it will be possible to sustain the promotion of the routes that are part of the Rete Escursionistica Lombarda (Lombardy Hiking Network), the agro-sylvo-pastoral routes, the walking and the cycle paths in the mountain municipalities.

“This is an important effort to make the alpine areas, which are increasingly popular as tourist destinations with both Italian and international visitors, even more attractive and enjoyableOur commitment, together with an important event such as the Adamello Ultra Trail“, concluded Carzeri, will bring international prestige to these mountains, giving a further boost to the area’s economy”.

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