Adamello Ultra Trail, 719 at the start: may the sun be with you

Everything is ready in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area: the eighth edition of the ultra running event starts tomorrow, Friday 23 September, with record participation from 18 countries. An exciting challenge even more uncertain because of the weather conditions and the temperatures at altitude

In a few more hours it will once again be time for the Adamello Ultra Trail. The eighth edition of the ultra running event on the Great War pathways of the Pontedilegno-Tonale District will kick off tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 23 at 7 a.m. This event combines the competitive spirit of challenging oneself with promoting and protecting a unique territory that’s rich in nature and history.

The Adamello Ultra Trail crosses the Adamello Natural Park and the Stelvio National Park between Alta Valle Camonica and Alta Val di Sole, traversing the paths and places that were once settings in the First World War. A total of 719 athletes will be ready to compete along the route, which features three distances: 170, 90, and 35 km. The two longer races start and finish at the Vezza d’Oglio Event Center (Via De Piano 1), which is also where the event headquarters are. The 35-km short distance starts in Monno and finishes in Vezza d’Oglio. Eighteen countries will be represented for a total of 94 foreign entrants (up from 50 a year ago), with Switzerland and Belgium leading the way (20 athletes each); this year’s event counts more than 150 Brescian athletes

The race will cross eight municipalities: Vezza d’Oglio, Vione, Incudine, Temù, Ponte di Legno Edolo and Monno in Lombardy (Brescia), and Vermiglio (Trento) in Trentino. At 690 meters above sea level, Edolo is the race’s lowest point, while the Passo dei Contrabbandieri (Smugglers’ Pass) is the highest at 2681 meters above sea level. In between there are lots and lots of ups and downs that will test the athletes’ physical and mental endurance: 11,500 meters of elevation gain for the long distance; 6,050 meters for the intermediate distance; and 1,700 for the short distance. More than 300 volunteers will be deployed along the race routes to oversee the route and support the racers day and night. All told, the total number of people who will tread upon the area’s trails during this race weekend will reach more than a thousand.

The 2021 winners were Roberto Mastrotto (ITA) and Denise Zimmermann (SUI) in the 170 km, Walter Manser (SUI) and Eva Maria Sperger (GER) for the 90 km, and Hugo Ralet (BEL) and Raffaella Rossi (ITA) for the 35 km. Manser and Rossi will be at the start to defend their respective titles, while a last-minute family commitment has prevented Zimmermann from pursuing an encore performance.

Beyond its sporting value, the Adamello Ultra Trail is also a means to maintain the trails of the Upper Valley, which are often taken by storm by bicycle tourists and hikers alike. Both the public and municipal bodies are strongly aware of the event’s value and have reconfirmed their support for the Adamello Ultra Trail, including the Regione Lombardia, Unione dei Comuni dell’Alta Valle Camonica, Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica, and the Consorzio Pontedilegno-Tonale, as well as various local associations. To ensure maximum safety, the organization will also be assisted by Alpine Rescue, the Firefighters, Civil Defense, and the Emergency Medical Service.

Following the Adamello Trail Junior on Sunday, September 18, which counted 120 participants in Vione, preliminary operations got underway today, Thursday, September 22. The race office opened at 14:00 with bib pickup at the Vezza d’Oglio Event Center, with the race briefing happening at 20:00 in the main square of the Camuno village. Beginning tomorrow, Friday 23, race starts are as follows: 7:00 for the 90 km and 9:00 for the 170. The 35 km will start on Saturday at 14:00.

“The organizing machine for this weekend has been in motion for months,” was the comment of ASD Adamello Ultra Trail, the event’s organizing committee. “We are certainly pleased with the response from the athletes and look forward to once again showcasing our mountains and trails, which are ready to leave a mark in the heads and hearts of the participants.”


Thursday, Sept. 22, 14:00: Opening preliminary operations for the Adamello Ultra Trail (Via del Piano, 1, Vezza d’Oglio)

Thursday, Sept. 22, 20:00: Technical briefing (Piazza IV Luglio, Vezza d’Oglio)

Friday, Sept. 23, 7:00: Start Adamello Trail 90 km (Via del Piano, 1, Vezza d’Oglio)

Friday, Sept. 23, 9:00: Start Adamello Ultra Trail 170 km (Via del Piano, 1, Vezza d’Oglio)

Saturday, Sept. 24, 14:00: Start Adamello Trail 35 km (Piazza IV Novembre, Monno)

Saturday, Sept. 24, 16:30: Awards ceremony 90 km and entertainment with Radio VivaFM (Via del Piano, 1, Vezza d’Oglio)

Saturday, Sept. 24, 19:30: Spit (Via del Piano, 1, Vezza d’Oglio)

Sunday, Sept. 25, 14:00: 170 km and 35 km awards ceremony (Via del Piano, 1, Vezza d’Oglio)

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