UISP competitive race of 30 km event less than "ADAMELLO ULTRA TRAIL"


Art. 1 - Organizers
The ASD Running Team, in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Vezza d'Oglio is organizing, on September 22, 2019, with begin at 9:00 am, the second edition of "30TRAIL" foot race individual male and female competitive long a path mixed (asphalt and dirt) that affects the valley of the municipalities in the district of the Alta Valle Camonica. The race completes the sport called Adamello Ultra Trail which is realized with the fourth edition of the Ultra Trail of 180 km and with the Trail of 70 km. The organizing committee has focused on selecting new, more evocative trails, whilst taking out others that were not optimal.

Art.2 - Sponsorships and partnerships
The event is sponsored by the Lombardy Region, Union of Municipalities of Vallecamonica (Ponte di Legno, Temu, Vione Vezza d'Oglio, Monno, Incudine), Mountain Community of Valle Camonica, BIM, Stelvio National Park, Adamello Natural Park, Adamello Ski. The race is organized in collaboration with the UISP.

Art. 3 - Details and registration fees
Open to all those who have turned 20 years old, and who are POSSESSION OF MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS 'TO COMPETITIVE SPORT PRACTICE with words track and field. Participation price is 30.00 euros and entitles you to:

• T-shirt Official
• Race pack
• Refreshments every 5km and a refreshment between the station and the other dedicated to the sponging
• Pectoral with transponder chip (to be refunded upon arrival)
• Detection time of the race and the final standings
• Medical assistance
• Insurance
• final Refreshments

You can sign up in the following ways:


  • On the website follow the procedures laid
  • By mail: sending the completed form, copy of the transfer payment and copy medical certificate required

• +39 0418501939 | +39 0418620273  sending the completed form, copy of the transfer and copy medical certificate required

• at the following ENTRY POINTS:

  • AltaVallecamonica
    PRO LOCO Vezza d'Oglio, Piazza IV July Tel. 0364.76131 - Fax 0364.737591
  • or Brescia
    Forrest Gump, Orzinuovi street , 50 tel. 030 348152

Application fees are non-refundable.

Art. 4 - Registration deadline
The on-line registration and at points registration ends Thursday, September 19 at 12:00 pm For logistical and organizational reasons, the organizing committee reserves the right to early terminate the registration or to accept entries beyond the closing date at its sole discretion.

Art. 5 - collect race and personal delivery bags
The numbers can be picked up Saturday, September 21, 2019 in Ponte di Legno at the palazzetto dello sport, from 14.00 to 20.00 and Sunday morning from 7.00 to 8.30. The race number and the chip are personal and may not be transferred to third parties. Also the pectoral must not be tampered with, concealing indications or symbols or removing the chip, otherwise not detecting the travel time. The bags with personal numberfixed (present in pectoral envelope) will be delivered to the staff no later than 8.30 am

Art. 6 - Running event
The START and ARRIVAL is expected in Ponte di Legno in Piazza XXVII September. Services for participants are accommodated, at the start, at the Palazzetto dello sport of Ponte di Legno (pick up race number and race sack, dressing rooms, bathrooms, storage bags). The event will take place, over a distance of 30 km closed to traffic and manned by volunteers. Each kilometer will be marked by a special sign positioned on the edge of the track. As usual there will be along the route Refreshments every 5 km and two SPONGING after the 10 km mark and after the 20 km mark.

Art. 7 - Time Limit
The maximum time to complete the route is 4 hours. The chip must be returned after arrival. Participants who, for whatever reason, do not return the chip after the race will be obliged to pay € 25.00 in reimbursement.

Art. 8 - Health care service
Is there medical care with an ambulance that can intercept calls to emergency services along the way (volunteers).Another ambulance will stay at arrival. A means "broom" will follow on the roads outside the race course and remain in contact with the volunteer cycling which in turn will close the competition.

Art. 9 - Results
It will elaborate an overall classify that will be available on

Art. 10 Awards
By the Organizing Committee will be awarded to the first 10 men and first 10 women with prizes . Those who won’t be present at the awards ceremony will lose their right to the prize.

Art. 11 - Declaration of responsibility
Warning Upon registration, for which we use the form photocopies, those wishing to participate at the "30 TRAIL" will sign the declaration as from the following text: I declare:
1) I have read and accepted the terms of the Regulations of the event and the Federal Regulations UISP in particular as regards the medical certificate valid for competitive athletics, according to legal regulations of the Italian state);
2) to take on the risks arising from participation in the event and therefore hold harmless from liability the organizers, unless the damage is a result of behavior, omission or commission, led by intent or gross negligence
3) to give its consent to the processing of images captured in the course of business, without anything having to pretend. This treatment will be made for the pursuit of the institutional aims of the organizer or organizers;
4) to give its consent to the processing of personal data collected by the organizer / organizers, treatment aimed at the realization of the event;
5) be aware that the registration fee will not be refunded in case of not-participation in the event

Art. 12 - Final Provisions
The organization reserves the right to modify these rules at any time in order to ensure better organization of the race. Any changes to services, venues and timetables will be communicated to registered athletes by e-mail, or will be posted on the website addition, the documentation containing the information required for taking part in the race will be handed out alongside the breastplate.   


Organizzazione a cura di A.S.D Young Running
in collaborazione con la Pro Loco di Vezza d’Oglio


Adamello Ultra-Trail®

Sui camminamenti della grande guerra
VII edizione: 24-25-26 Settembre 2021


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